The company Adrian Sistem LTD was born in 1992 as a company producing laboratory and decorative glassware, using the blowing technology with burners of the borosilicate glass tubes ( according to the standard ISO 3585). The products offered by the company have a high technical and qualitative level.At the moment we produce over 3000 ranges for the laboratory glassware, that are used in many different fields: research, education, industry, agriculture, health, etc. Excepting the production standard program , the company Adrian Sistem can also manufacture upon customers' requests, some other different laboratory glassware products compatible with the used technology (scientific glassware, unique products for research, etc.) The decorative glassware is remarkable for the vast variety of shapes and colours, due to the inventive spirit of the employees, and also of the customers, that permanently require new models. The company staff is always responsive to the customer's requests and also to the technical news in the glassware field, regarding the handmade products from thermoresistant glass tubes. At the moment the company is working on the implementation of the management quality system ISO 9001.

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